Group Quoting

Group Bidding is an advanced quoting tool that allows service providers to quote on multiple shipments without the risk of overbooking and incurring cancellations.

Why use group quoting?
  • Quote on multiple jobs without risking cancellations - Because any quotes in a group that put you over-capacity are automatically deleted, you don’t have to worry about overbooking or requesting cancellations.
  • Automated bid management - With group quoting, managing multiple quotes is much easier. Don't worry about canceling active quotes once you've reached capacity - group quoting does this for you.
How does group quoting work?
  • 1.Create a group for related shipments.
  • 2.Set a limit on how many shipments from that group you can service.
  • 3.Quote on multiple shipments and assign those quotes to your group.
  • 4.Once your match limit has been reached, all other quotes in that group will be automatically canceled.

You can create as many quoting groups as you want, and you can still cancel active quotes prior to having them accepted.

Example: Quote on Multiple Vehicle Shipments
First vehicle shipment quote

A Service Provider is making a trip from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA and only has room for two vehicles in their car trailer. They find four vehicle shipments along their route and are willing to service any two.

When they quote on the first vehicle, they create a new "group" called "Austin to New Orleans" by selecting "Create New Bid Group" (A) and set a match limit of two (B).

Remaining vehicle shipment quotes

The service provider then submits quotes on the remaining three vehicles and attaches them all to the same group (C). They can now view and manage their quotes and groups from My Quote Groups.

My Quote Groups

Two shippers accept the Service Provider's quotes. Because the match limit on "Austin to New Orleans" quotes is reached (D), the other two quotes are automatically and immediately canceled (E).