Bidding on uShip

Enter the amount you would like to earn in the “Starting” field on the quote form. Your fees will automatically be calculated so you can see your Starting Total Quote, which is the amount the customer will see and the quote price you should reference in all communication (to enter a quote amount without fees already included, uncheck the “Add uShip fee” box on the quote form).

You can also place an optional Lowest Quote to automatically underquote other service providers until this price is reached. This will also lower your price if a customer declines a quote and is a great way to quote competitively when you’re on the road.

If you're not the first to submit a quote on a shipment, you may submit a Lowest Quote without entering a Starting Quote - this will place a Starting Quote that quotes under the current competing low quote (see table below for amounts).

Why should I set a Lowest Quote?
  • Never get outbid - Set your lowest quote to automatically quote under competitors until your lowest quote is reached.
  • Save time - No need to micromanage each listing.
  • Compete on the road - Don’t miss out on quoting opportunities while you’re driving.
  • Make more money - Setting a Lowest Quote allows you to set a higher Starting Quote and remain competitive.
How does a Lowest Quote work?
  • When submitting a quote, enter a Lowest Amount/Quote.
  • If a competitor submits a quote below your starting quote, you'll automatically submit a new lower quote than them after two hours.
  • You'll also automatically submit a lower quote if the customer declines your quote.
  • Your quote amount will only lower to your Lowest Total Quote.
Quote Lowering Amounts

You know you can move a vehicle for $500, but nobody else has quoted on the shipment, so you submit a Starting Total Quote of $650 (A) with a Lowest Total Quote of $500 (B). A few hours later, you're on the road when another service provider quotes $600. After two hours, if the shipment is still active, you'll automatically quote under the other service provider, submitting a quote of $580. The customer accepts, and before you even stop driving, you have a booked shipment.

This helped you two ways:

  • 1. This allowed you to submit the higher quote of $650 without worrying about competing with lower quotes coming in from other service providers. Had a customer accepted immediately, you would have made $150 more than your lowest price.
  • 2. In this case, you ended up winning the job for $580, making $80 more than your lowest price.

Without setting a Lowest Quote, the only way you'd have won this job would be to make your initial quote $500. Assuming the other service provider could match your lowest price, they would have been able to quote under any initial quote you submitted above $500, and by the time you knew it, the job would already have been booked.

Setting a Lowest Quote from Active Quote Table

In My Active Quotes, quotes in green (C) indicate that you have an active Lowest Quote. You may edit or remove your Lowest Quote settings by clicking the pencil icon (D).