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Craigslist Shipping with uShip

Craigslist is your local classifieds, but sometimes you may find exactly what you want in another city, or you can't pick up the item. If you have bought a major appliance such as a washer, dryer or refrigerator on Craigslist, chances are you won’t be able to transport it yourself.

Thankfully, there are many local movers that should be able to offer you same-day or next-day moving services for a less-than-household move. Inform the Craigslist seller that you will need to get a moving company to help you transport the appliances and ask what day and time works best for them so that you can plan around it.

Why Ship from Craigslist?

Craigslist shipping bicycles from a local business

You can buy or sell almost anything through Craigslist, and a lot of the time, you go meet the seller or buyer and transfer the items face to face. However, not everything sold on Craigslist is easy to transport in person. Some larger items may need to be professionally transported.

Preparing Appliances for Transport

While most Craigslist sellers will have cleaned the appliances for sale (and defrosted them when necessary), you will want to do a quick check of the appliance to make sure it is clean before you transport it. Ask your movers if they have any special instructions they may need you to follow, such as taking out any racks or drawers and packaging them separately. Make sure that any connections and hoses are protected for the move. Finally, confirm with your Craigslist seller that you have received all of the pieces that came with the device, and any accessories they might have.

For preparing electronics such as televisions, your best choice will be to place them in the original packaging. Just make sure that the glass portion of the screen is adequately protected and padded to avoid any damage during transport.

Green classic car shipped from craigslist
Woman shipping furniture from craigslist

Prepare Craigslist Furniture for Transport

Although there is a chance that your Craigslist seller has already prepared the item for shipping, you will likely need to prepare it yourself. Start by disassembling any pieces that you can easily put back together and wrap them individually in bubble wrap or plain newsprint. All hardware and screws should be kept in a small plastic bag that you can attach to the larger pieces to prevent losing them. You can protect furniture corners with bubble wrap or cardboard cut from an extra box to prevent them from being damaged by the truck’s movements.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Craigslist Item?

uShip transporters are frequently looking items to fill extra space in their trucks, meaning they can pass the savings on to you. For a closer look at how the uShip shipping process works, visit our cost to ship page. You can view shipments completed through the uShip marketplace for a better idea of what shipping your Craigslist item may cost while getting a better idea of how we work.

Tips on Shipping a Craigslist Item

Depending on the distance of the move you will need to make different considerations for local and long-distance transportation. Keep in mind that Craigslist strongly advises against purchasing anything that you or someone you trust cannot inspect in person. For more information visit Craigslist’s guide to avoiding scammers.

Many items that you can’t transport yourself from Craigslist will require a specialty mover. Before you finalize your purchase ensure the seller understands that you will need to use a moving service and that they will allow you the time, space or assistance you need to properly prepare your item for transport. Most Craigslist sellers have regular jobs and it will be very important to be courteous and punctual when preparing or loading your purchase, so make sure your mover understands the situation.

Moving Craigslist Items with uShip

With uShip, getting your Craigslist items delivered to you is easy. Simply create your shipment listing, detailing your needs for the shipment. Once you've completed the listing, you'll start receiving quotes from the best carriers providing their best rates as they compete for your business. We make researching the carriers easy, too. As the quotes come in, you can review the carrier's profiles and see what kind of shipments they have moved before, and the customer-rated feedback from completed shipments. You can also talk to the carriers directly on their quotes. Be sure you are working with the carrier who best suits your needs. Once you find your perfect carrier at the perfect price, accept the quote and you're on your way to your delivery.

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